Photo Freak

He's crazy about photography and that's why he's known as the Photo Freak! Actually, his real name is Mel Hughey. Mel is our Senior Associate Photographer. He started photographing people when his son was born and he's just never stopped since. He specializes in portraiture and he definitely has a way of finding that funky, fun side in the people that he photographs. 

But guess what? Mel is multi-talented so you won't only find him behind a camera, but you will also find him baking in the kitchen! He makes sweet stuff like cakes, cookies, cheesecakes and desserts that are so good they are off the charts! He gets just as excited when he finds a good deal on bake ware as he does when he is shopping in the camera store! 

And gets even better too!  He also loves to clean in his spare time! There are no dust bunnies under his couches! No way!

Beware! Mel may threaten to "shoot" anyone that comes through the front door, and even though he looks tough, Mel is really just a big softie! He is passionate about photography and enjoys being around people. You'll never NOT have a great time hanging out with the Photo Freak!