About Letty

Well, hello there!  After being a stay-at-home mom while my four daughters were oh-so-liittle, I fell in love with photography! I don't mean that I just kinda liked it...I became crazy-girl obsessed with it! I suddenly knew where all of my life experiences were leading me to: right here to this, right here to YOU! I could NOT have planned it any better! 

My shooting style is not rigid nor does it get too technical. I follow the good light, look for texture and incorporate colors. I like to interact with my clients, talk and share tidbits of our lives and more importantly, connect with them! It is fun. It is creative. It is carefree and innately comes from within. So yes, let's do this!

I am definitely a small town girl. Traffic in big cities makes me dizzy! I like knowing that just a few miles in any direction will place me in the open space of a field of growing crops and a dirt road to walk on! Make that moment happen simultaneously while walking my three dogs and a sunset and you've got one happy girl! Growing up in the 70's has influenced my style to include beads, crochet and all colors of the rainbow! When my girls were little, I preferred them in onsies and bare feet. My dogs? I prefer them to be collarless because it's simply more inviting for a spontaneous pat on the back, a hug or kiss on the nose.

So is it fate? Destiny? Here you are reading this and our paths have now crossed! We might as well make it last forever with images that will be your most iconic yet!