Meet Jason

To bring his 6'6" frame down to the size of most people around him, you'll usually find Jason sitting at a computer at the studio. Although he never learned how to read, Jason is really talented at pushing buttons and clicking on things so he is our official computer nerd. He edits and retouches to make everyone look fabulous and designs our creative items like our wedding albums, quince storybooks, collages and custom cards. Jason is a simple, fun-loving guy that likes feeling the hot summer breeze on the back of his neck, playing his guitar and drinking beer. Jason claims that girls are jealous of his long eyelashes that he attributes to eating pickles regularly! It's his most favorite food! There's also a cute, black lab named Marla that claims Jason as her owner. They make the best of friends most likely because Marla never learned how to read either! So, if you are ever hanging around town, stop by the studio to meet Jason...just be sure to bring him a Red Bull! He'd like that.