Auxiliary Photographer

Have you been doing this photography thing for a while now and looking to expand your knowledge and experience? Then becoming an Auxiliary Photographer is a step in the right direction! You will have the opportunity to work alongside one of our seasoned Associate Photographers and gain the experience of photographing at local events. 

To be an Auxiliary Photographer, you must have:

     -Your own DSLR camera

     -At least 2 lenses

     -Minimum of two (2) SD cards

     -Flash with tilting head & diffuser

     -At least two sets of rechargeable batteries

Additional details of being an Auxiliary Photographer will be discussed after employment is finalized.

Please fill out this form to apply for an Auxiliary Photographer position. If you are asked to interview, please have 10 images from your portfolio that are reflective of your work and style printed no smaller than 5x7 print size ready to submit if requested. 


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